Fl Studio Mobile, just for fun or can we take it seriously?

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Now that we have talked about some solutions for the producers who need to make music on the go, we are going to address Fl Studio Mobile and all that it has to offer us.

It has proven to be a convenient tool, compatible with many different mobile devices, and with the capability of bringing back your ideas from your portable device to your computer and keep working on the move. Specially made for when you are more focused on getting the idea done than on using all the features of the Full, or the Producer version (for example). 

Also if you are a beginner, starting your way into making music and trying Fl Studio out. It kind of feels like Fl Studio on "easy mode".



The first version of Fl Studio Mobile was released, by Image-Line, in June of 2011. It works on Chromebooks, as we have mentioned in our previous article (you can check it out here), and also on any device that works with iOS (Apple Ipads), Android (Tablets), and Windows Apps. It's available at Google Play, Mac App Store, and the Windows Store as well.



At the moment, you can purchase the App from the digital stores for an opening price of $13.99 for ios, and $14.99 for android and windows users. 

The latest, more improved version update right now is the Fl Studio Mobile 3. With many upgrades long waited by the Fl Studio Reddit community. A site where you can find new forum discussions every day on how these developing Portable DAWs can be enhanced, also pointing out bugs that need to be fixed.


We recommend you all to try these new rising technologies, which can be a huge help. Imagine you are running some errands, or you're a musician on the road, even on vacations when you find yourself far from your gear and/or your studio, and an idea of a rhythm or a melody comes to your mind, you can grab your portable device (Ipad, Tablet, Chromebook, even your cell phone), run Fl Studio Mobile, and start shaping your idea. That then when you get to your studio you can continue or give the final touch on the Full Fl Studio, with all your presets and plugins. 


Also if you are a producer that's used to make music on the go, these "portable daw" can help you shape some Demo beats to show your work, or help you start a new idea on the spot without having to transport all your gear. 

You just turn on your device, plug in your headphones (or Aux cord), open your Fl Studio Mobile and start making music!


📋How to import your Samples into FL Studio Mobile


As a Lite version of full software, Fl studio Mobile is a smaller version of the Fl Studio we're used to, you can't use Vst Plugins like Serum or Kickstart on Mobile projects, and most of the Drum samples are not that amazing, to be honest, but you can put together your favorite samples or sample packs and import them into Fl Studio Mobile.


You can have all the sounds from our Projects, which kind of each one is a Sample Pack, organize them into different folders, and have all the tools you need to make your job a little easier.


So, with your Fl Studio Mobile app installed, and ready to go you just have to...


1- Compress all your Samples into a Zip folder.

2- Connect your device to your computer and transfer the Zip file, or use the Cloud Storage App of your preference (this way is always much easier and fast) and upload the Zip file from your computer, then download it on your portable device.

3- Unpack or Extract your files from the Zip folder.

4- On the File Manager App of your preference, move all the Extracted files (your samples) to the FLM User Files folder, inside the My Files folder that Fl Studio Mobile created in your device.



Have in mind to check your Device's available storage space, don't bring too many samples that you may end up never using (we've all been there!), and get that annoying "no free space limit" notification.

✔ Next just Start your song and you'll find all your samples inside My Files, in the sample library. 👌




Fl Studio Mobile Features


If we compare it with the Fl Studio Full version, that is way more expensive, the Mobile version has a lot to offer indeed. 


  • It includes a Sampler, Synthesizers, and Drum Kits (that you can upgrade with your favorite Samples).
  • Sliced-Loop Beats option available.
  • Step-Sequencer, with the Fl Studio drum programming vibes.
  • Mixer capabilities with more added Effects.
  • Virtual Piano-Keyboard, and Hexagonal Drum Pads, that can be configured to your preferences.
  • MIDI support with file Import and Export.
  • Audio Recording with track-length Import (Stem/Wav).
  • Save and Load songs, or Export (as WAV, MP3, and FLAC files).
  • Share your projects with other FL Studio Mobile users


With the latest update (v3.4.5) Fl Studio Mobile developers did give people what they needed, featuring many great improvements from the older v2 like:


New Project Manager

Now you can create folders to manage your projects directly in the application (Create Folder). Automatically the folder that you've created will appear inside the My Songs section.


You can also move each one of your projects to a new folder that you've created, by just cutting and pasting them into your new directory. To help to keep them organized.



Save options

When you export the project from the main window, it will automatically be saved into the "My Tracks" Folder.

You can select between many audio formats, similar to the full version of Fl Studio as you can see here...


If you want to export the projects in another folder on internal storage, you can try it this way:

Export > Send > Save to this device (to save the project to a custom folder of your choosing)


The Piano Roll

Now you can see every note on the piano roll, and this will be very helpful for beginners when composing chords or melodies. Also for the more advanced, experienced users, to get a better visualization of the notes, useful when making more accurate arrangements, for example.




Fx Analyzer

It is a very complete frequency analyzer, very versatile, and with many different options. Let's do a quick review of them:


Which helps to examine the audio frequency range. You can use the Snow Icon button to freeze the spectrum image, and use the magnify button to detect over peaked frequencies taking a deeper look.




This is an Oscilloscope, if you're used to what it is, you'll appreciate it. But if you are not this tool is used to see the shape of the frequency. There are 4 main frequency shapes, Sine, Square, Triangle, and Sawtooth.

You can analyze that aspect of your signal using this view. A very useful tool for the detailed sound design of your signal.




This view is useful to measure the Loudness of any sound or your whole mix.

With the freeze and magnify button, you can inspect better the frequencies and the peak loudness levels of the sound.

There are 5 different types of audiometers available that you can choose from. The most used are True Peak and Peak because they help to check the real loudness of your mix.




It severs to determine if the signal is Mono or Stereo, and check the stereo imaging of your sounds, or the whole mix.




One of the most useful tools from Fl Studio Mobile, to detect the pitch position in real-time (you can freeze and magnify to see more in detail). Very handy for composing chords from audio samples, figuring out scales from melodies, or tunning your 808s.







  • It features a simple and easy Playlist Layout, with great looks, neatness, and presenting great color choices.
  • With Honeycomb type pads and a Piano Keyboard, integrated on the main screen. Ready to go, making it useful in any place inspiration finds you!
  • The Step-Sequencer (Classic Fl Studio Sequencer), for simple and easy Drum Programming. That is a key component, that makes you feel like you're making music with Fl Studio on your computer.
  • The ability to start an idea on the move and finish it on your computer. Instead of just getting distracted and losing it. As we imagine, it happened to most of us at some point.




  • No Audio Unit Plugin Support. It features support for inner app Audio, which is good, but it doesn't fix the need for plugins and sounds we're more used to working with. Like the Serum or Kickstart Plugins with all our favorite presets, for example.
  • Confusing, no Transport menu or window at the top, as in Classic Fl Studio.
  • No splitting Tracks, Fl Studio Mobile doesn't have separate mixing channels for individual pads. Which is remarkably useful when mixing drums. 



🎹 How to use my MIDI Keyboard with Fl Studio Mobile 🎧 

With Fl Studio Mobile not only you can take your portable device and start making music wherever you are, but you also can connect your midi controller and use it to help your workflow and not miss the computer a bit!


The Midi/USB compatibility settings might be different with all the variety of portable devices out there. No matter which ios or hardware you are running Fl Studio Mobile on, there's some common ground between them. We'll try to help all of you by mentioning the first things you need to check for this to work:


First of all, you need a USB cable, which you usually use to connect to any computer or hub. The other thing you need is an OTG Connector (any of them will work). To be able to plug your midi keyboard's USB port (MIDI Out) into the portable device of your choice for making music (USB port). 


For Android Phone users, mostly depending on your device, you need to turn on (activate or enable) the OTG connection. For being able to detect your MIDI Controller or Keyboard.


On other Android models, a USB MIDI Options Menu should pop out right after the controller is plugged into your device. And on this menu, Select the MIDI Device option for it to be detected properly.


Also for every device and model out there, check inside the Fl Studio Mobile settings, under MIDI Device, Click the White rectangle button, and Select your device manually (if it isn't automatically working already).



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