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It's always exciting when your DAW of choice brings out a dedicated and integrated MIDI controller. I remember back when Ableton Push was released for Ableton Live, and how all of the built in functionality served to simplify the production process. It's such an exciting prospect. If you're used to working with a MIDI keyboard anyway, and then one is released that has dedicated deep integration with your DAW of choice, it's like Christmas come early!

Well, FL Studio producers need look no further, because Novation have expanded their award-winning Launchkey range of keyboards with some new models. The FLkey range is a new range of MIDI keyboards built to integrate with FL Studio. 

So, in this guide we are going to look at:

  • Novation's Launchkey range
  • The new FLkey models
  • Why it's a good idea to get one
  • and more!


So let's first have a look at what Novation's Launchkey range is.


Novation Launchkey Range

Novation's Launchkey range is a collection of great MIDI keyboards. Designed to give you all the tools you need to create your music with a more hands on feel, the importance of which can't be overstated. It can often get you bogged down clicking buttons when you're making music on a computer, so having a MIDI keyboard that has a lot of the functions you'll regularly be reaching for - like play, stop, record etc, makes the whole music making experience feel more intuitive and less like endless button clicking.

I remember making the jump from playing in bands to making music by myself in a DAW. The passion was no less real, but the process had gone from playing real instruments in practice rooms to clicking a mouse in my bedroom. There was definitely something missing, some fundamental difference in the processes that is taken away when a real instrument is replaced with a computer.

But that's why having dedicated and integrated MIDI controllers can be a huge help to get that feeling back.

Launchkey is a versatile MIDI keyboard, designed to give you everything you need to create and play your music. Whether you're a new producer or a seasoned one, Launchkey’s creative tools – including Scale and Chord Modes and a powerful arpeggiator – help you make music with ease and enjoyment. And these are the key things to focus on. Ease. Enjoyment. Taking the work out of Digital Audio Workstation. 

Launchkey has standalone capabilities, perfect for any music-making setup, with or without a computer. Custom Modes enable you to control external hardware and software features.

Available in 25-, 37-, 49- and 61-key models, so there are a wide range of options, whether you're a fully at home producer who wants the full piano range, or you're producing and performing on the go. The 25- and 37-key models are perfect for mobile producers and performers, and tight setups. The 49- and 61-key versions even have more features like faders to help your music making process.

Notvation's Launchkey range is seamlessly integrated with Ableton Live, so you can plug and play right away with little fuss! You can also use it with Logic Pro, Cubase and more to capture ideas, launch clips and control your DAW from the Launchkey itself. 

There's also a free trial of Ableton Live Lite included!

As you can see, there is a lot on offer from Novation in its Launchkey range. I can't stress enough how important it is to be able to inject a bit of that creative and artistic passion back into your music making. It's no wonder I see so many producers posting on Reddit about how to beat writers block. I believe a huge contributing factor that that is how stagnant it can feel to open you DAW and have nothing but a mouse and QWERTY keyboard to make your music with.

You'll notice, however, that one of the DAWs missing from the integration is FL Studio.

That's where FL Key comes in!

Novation FLkey

So as you can see in the images above, the FLKey comes in two sizes. There's the Mini and 37 models. The former having 25 keys and fewer buttons and functions, while the 37 model has (you guessed it!) 37 keys, and more functions and buttons. Don't they look great? 

The FLkey range has deep integration with FL Studio, making it a great choice if you're an FL Studio user who is looking to expand your gear set and grab a MIDI keyboard. You can take your production to the next level, not only because controls are more easily reachable, but because they're right at your fingertips. You can seamlessly use the controls in real time, allowing you to inject feeling into your music effortlessly.

The mini model is perfect for if you're on the go; it easily fits into a backpack or onto a busy desk. FLkey 37 has 37 full size keys and is perfect for a dedicated home studio. It has a screen, Chord Modes and addition FL Studio transport control. Whichever one you choose, you're getting similar features, just that the 37 has a few more!

When you connect the FLkey controllers to FL Studio, you can play your instruments and also control the Step Sequencer with the pads on the FLkey. It's designed so you can spend all of your time working with the FLkey, allowing you to access your go-to controls within FL Studio without having to encounter the stop-start nature of grabbing your mouse and navigating the the control in question. You can adjust two controls simultaneously with different knobs, for example. Try doing that with a mouse!

Sequencer Mode maps the pads on the FLkey controller to FL Studio’s step sequencer for quick creation of beat ideas. There are Two Pad modes to help humanise your rhythms, and you can play straight into the Channel Rack or FPC, and trigger slices in SliceX. There's also a Note Repeat function which helps if you're wanting some nice hi hat rolls, or glitchy percussion sounds.

You can also edit your mix, with volume and pan controls, as well as eight knobs to tweak your mix and record automation on the fly. Everything comes together to help your music making process be as mouse-free as possible!

It also comes with a free 6month trial of FL Studio Producer Edition.

Here are the Tech Specs for all you nerds out there!

FLkey Mini

  • FLkey Mini Dimensions: 172mm H, 330mm W, 41mm D
  • 25 velocity sensitive keys
  • Pitch bend and modulation touch strips
  • 8 pots
  • 16 RGB Backlit, Velocity Sensitive Pads
  • Octave up/down buttons 
  • Channel Rack up/down buttons
  • Play/pause button
  • Record button
  • Scale button
  • Note Repeat button
  • Fixed chord button
  • Shift button
  • 3.5 mm jack socket for MIDI Out
  • Sustain pedal 1/4” jack input
  • USB B Socket
  • Kensington security slot

FLkey 37

  • FLkey 37 Dimension: 258mm H, 555mm W, 77mm D
  • 37 velocity sensitive keys
  • 16 x 2 char screen
  • Pitch bend and modulation wheels
  • 8 pots
  • 16 RGB Backlit, Velocity Sensitive Pads
  • Octave up/down buttons 
  • Channel Rack up/down buttons
  • Preset up/down buttons
  • Mixer left/right buttons
  • Play/pause button
  • Stop button
  • Record button
  • Quantise button
  • Metronome button
  • Undo/redo buttons
  • Score Log button
  • Scale button
  • Note Repeat button
  • Fixed chord button
  • Navigation button
  • Shift button
  • Settings button
  • 5 pin MIDI out socket
  • Sustain pedal 1/4” jack input
  • USB B Socket
  • Kensington security slot

Should you get one?

If you're a long time user of FL Studio, these are definitely worth considering. I can't stress enough how much of a difference it makes when you incorporate into your set up a MIDI keyboard or controller with dedicated integration for your DAW.

Making music is so often about feeling, and this can be lost in a big way when you're using a mouse and (QWERTY) keyboard to make it. As I mentioned earlier on, it can often feel too much like work making electronic music.

But adding in more ways to seamlessly and easily create, play and record your music without having to touch your laptop or mouse is a really valuable thing.

If you're in the market for a MIDI keyboard as an FL Studio user, I'd recommend considering Novation's FLkey range. They're versatile, sleek and super useful.


One of the big drawbacks of making music on a computer is that it can sometimes feel less like music making and more like office work. Endless clicking with a mouse doesn't feel so creative all of the time!

That's why it's great when companies release controllers with dedicated functionality and integration with a DAW. 

If you've been an FL Studio user for a while, the FLkey range from Novation will be a welcome breath of fresh air in your production arsenal.

Novation's Launchkey range has long had integration with other DAWs, and it's great to now see options for FL Studio integration too.

Have you used the FLkey range yet? Let us know what you think!


As always, thanks for checking in with us here at, and be sure to check out the rest of our website where we have a load of great resources for learning music production. Our project templates are great ways to learn some professional level producer tricks, so check out our deals!


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